Have fun, y’all! I’m unfortunately not able to go because of financial reasons and it sucks a lot.

I have some friends going and I hope that for the Orlando and Tampa cons that happen in Fall I will be able to go to them with a small cosplay or something. Hopefully. I really miss conventions and cosplaying. 

Anyways, yeah have fun and take pics and if you spot a Diva and Saya from Blood+ in beautiful gowns please take a picture and post it on tumblr!!! They worked hard and I can’t wait to see how popular they will be after the con!

if any of my followers/any one in general live in this area and are planning on going to holiday matsuri in orlando this weekend

ya’ll should look for me/say heeeyyyyyyy guurrrrrrlllll

because i like to talk to people

and ill be a green sparkly Dark Chii (Freya) cosplayer with a big beautiful christmas remixed Chobits group and you will WANT to talk to me you KNOW YOU WILL.

so yeah, that’s why i’ll be scarce this weekend ~